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Left Hand Solution

Being a unique band, this four-piece band takes influences from all kinds of music that have metal connected to its name and makes a very own special blend of it all. Top this with a clear female voice with both depth and strength and add some gothic darkness and you are getting close to what Left Hand Solution is all about. Left Hand Solution was formed in 1991 by Jocke Mårdstam (guitar), Jörgen Fahlberg (vocals, bass) and Liljan Liljekvist (drums). About one year later they released their first demo, which was given the title "Dwell".

In 1992 there were some changes in the line-up. The first one to enter was Peter Selin, who jumped in on bass as Jörgen wanted to sing only, but after a couple of months he decided to leave the...

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Rise and Shine

There are more bands using this name:

1) Rise and Shine are a doom metal/psychedelic rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. They consider themselves “flowerpowermetal”.

Current line-up:

Josabeth Leidi - vocals
Joakim Knutsson - guitar
Tomas Bergstrand - guitar
Dennis Pålsson - bass
Magnus Rydman - drums

2) Rise and Shine are a now-defunct pop-punk-core band, from Columbus Ohio.

Founding by brothers Dan Wilburn (guitars, vocals) and Brian Wilburn (drums, vocals).

3)Rise and Shine are a post-metal/hardcore band from Minsk, Belarus.

4) Rise and Shine are a pop-punk/hardcore band from Fort Worth, TX. Read more on . User-contributed text is a...

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