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Finnegans Wake (IE)

There is more than one artist with this name

1. Great Beligian Avant/RIO Chamber Band in tradition of Aksak Maboul , Univers Zero, Louise Avenue and Julverne.
The band started in 1993 with my meeting with Alain Lemaître. He had just started a studio in his basement and we decided to give it a try... Then, as things were improving, I called my old friend Jean-Louis Aucremanne, with which I had played jazz duets in the 80s. We shared the same prog references (Canterbury, HENRY COW, VDGG) and there was the opportunity to start a "prog band"... Richard Redcrossed came later as we needed a lyricist and afterwards a vocalist. Here are the bios of the founding members:

1. Jean-Louis Aucremanne is a pianist, rather ja...

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