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Johnny Bode

6 January 1912 in Falköping, Sweden, dead 25 July 1983 in Malmö, Sweden, was a Swedish singer, composer and "enfant terrible".

After his debut when he was 17 years old, Bode came to record hundreds of songs on the gramophone, many of them was his own compliments. One of his most known song is "En herre i frack" (A gentleman in costume), that Gösta Ekman sung in 1936. The same song later become popular when famous Swedish singer Jan Malmsjö had it on his repertoar. The last gramophone-record with Johnny as a singer was recorded in 1942. The life of Johnny Bode is one of the most amazing in Swedish history of music. Over and over again when his career was demolished, he got able to rise and build a new career, only to find it ru...

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