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Night of the Living Death


Paganizer is the brainchild of the swedish death metal-mastermind Roger "Rogga" Johansson. Starting as a four-piece in late 1998 with the intent of playing old school death/thrash metal. Paganizer's music in the early stage transcribed as thrash metal (debut album "Deadbanger"), but with their second album release in 2001 with "Promoting Total Death", the band moved towards death metal-assault. Highly old school death metal-themed, inspiration and homage is paid to the roots of old death metal branches and legends.

Rogga and the other members are also involved with Ribspreader. Johansson composes most of the music and writes all the lyrics for both bands. Brand new CD EP "Born to be Buried Alive" out now on Asphyxiate Recordi...

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PUTERAEON was spawned in Alingsås, Sweden 2008 by guitarist & vocalist Jonas Lindblood (Taetre). “I started doing some oldschool riffs that took me back to my roots in death metal”. Some songs were posted on the net and there was a big demand for demos. Jonas did all in all 3 demos during the time of 2008-2009.
All demos were very well recieved within the underground. The demos got really good reviews and loads of interviews were made.
At the same time he had contacted both Anders Malmström, drums (ex-Nominon, Prophanity, Immemoreal, ex-Inverted) and Daniel Vandija, bass (13itch). And they were pursuaded to join. But all took some time.
When the band finally got together and started rehersing, the contract with Cyclone Emp...

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Intestinal is a death metal band from Östergötlands län, Sweden formed in 2008, who released their debut LP Human Harvest in February 2010 through Psycho Records.

Intestinal belongs to the current stylistic revival of the 'old school death metal' sound. As such, their debut album was reviewed as exhibiting demo-like production and muscular, "riff-centric" songwriting. By their subject material, featuring songs with titles such as "Licking a Dead Cunt," "Bloodsplatter," and "Skinripped Whore," they present gore and death themes common of the genre.

In July 2011, the band announced a new album titled "The Rottening" was in the mixing process, copies of which are to be sold during dates of the band's autumn schedule ...

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