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Hc Für Alle

One Arm Short

Stockholm, Sweden (2009 - 2011)

On the 4th of march 2010 they released their first EP called "Utopian Cellar". They did a tour around Sweden, sharing stages with bands such as: Lamb Of God , August Burns Red, Dead By April and many more.

On 19.12.2011 it was announced that the band is no longer together.

Current band members:
Zebastian Mattsson (Guitar)
Rob Hansen (Guitar)
Jocke Carlsson (Bass)
Oscar Holz (Vocals)
Carl Johan Sillén (Drums)

Former members:
Aaron Wittmann (Drums) 2009 - 2010
Robbie Persson (Drums) 2010
George Boras (Bass) 2009 - 2010 Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additi...

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There are several artists with the name Skiller:
1) A metalcore band from Stockholm, Sweden
2) A Bulgarian Beatboxer

1) Skiller is a Modern Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden

The band was formed in 2002, and consists of five members:
Dave - Vocals
Ritchi - Bass/Vocals
Joni - Guitars
Nickrock - Guitars
Dihm Rust - Drums

2) SkilleR ( Alexander Deyanov ) is 22 year old beatboxer from Sofia/Bulgaria. Known as the ' fast mouth' from the East, he has brought the art of beatboxing to mass attention in Bulgara. He is the first national beatbox champion (2007). Despite his age he has been on stage in countries like: Japan, England, Germany, Russia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Cze...

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Fatal if Swallowed

Bursting Veins

These five gentlemen from Stockholm, Sweden are all about having a good ol' time, which in their definition is to create music. Two of the five men met for the first time in High School. One said to the other: "I like metal and hardcore music" which upon the other said: "Me too". And they were off!

A year or so later, Bursting Veins decided to go BIG! They recruited a drummer and so Niklas joined the band. In 2007 Peter took over the vocal part of the band and they recorded their first EP, "Dead And Gone". Later that year the bass player at that time left the band to start a new one, and with that Mippe joined the band aswell. In 2009 they recorded their second EP, "Phoenix".

In 2011 Bursting Veins is planing to tak...

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