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Baaziz (FR)

Baaziz, real name Abdelaziz Bekhti, (born 1963 in Cherchell, Algeria) is an Algerian singer and songwriter.

Though resident in France, Baaziz is one of Algeria's most outspoken singer/songwriters. Baaziz first attracted attention with his debut 1989 single, "ya Hasrah kikount Esseghir," which he based on a song by Rachid Ksentini. Throughout most of his career he was banned from airplay on Algerian radio and TV. However, his most successful tune, "Algeria My Love," led to special recognition from President Bouteflika. Acceptance by the Algerian government, however, was short-lived. His decision to perform a song denouncing Algeria's generals, "Waili Waili," on a live-broadcast television show despite warnings resulted in him b...

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