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Brandur (FO)

Brandur Helgason Enni (born 15 April 1989 in Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands), is a singer and songwriter, he also plays guitar, trumpet, piano and flugelhorn. In August 2006 Brandur moved to Sweden, where he studied music for two years at the Music Production Academy "Musikmakarna". Brandur's brother Tróndur Enni is also a singer and songwriter and plays several instruments; he is well known in the Faroe Islands and sometimes performs with Frændur singer Eyðun Nolsøe. At the Midsummer Festival in Tvøroyri, the two brothers Brandur and Tróndur performed together on stage along with other Faroese musicians.

Brandur Enni's musical career started early; he was singing on two albums in 1998 and 2000. He released his debut album "Waiting i...

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Jonas Molinder

Jonas Molinder was 16 when he first picked up the guitar and started playing music.
But it was not until two years later, that he joined some friends to form “Molinder Band”.

Influenced by childhood music such as; Stevie Wonder, Sting, Louise Hoffsten and Phil Collins he began writing music on his own.
Molinder Band released three EP-records: “Soul in me” (2001) “Life Spark” (2003) and “Kill Your Darlings” (2004).
But the band began to feel more and more like a solo project, which it really had been all along.
At that time, Jonas couldn’t find the motivation to go on with the band so he took a break from music for about a year.  
It is now nine years ago since the start, and Jonas is happy he didn’...

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