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The Amazing

The Amazing is a Swedish indie rock band whose members include Reine Fiske, who plays with Dungen, and Christoffer Gunrup, who played in Granada and with Anna Järvinen.

The band is often called a "super group from Sweden", but the band members think this sounds too contrived; "The Amazing is a natural process, a force of nature". Labels notwithstanding, The Amazing are a collective composed of members who have played (or still play) for Dungen, Granada, Sagor & Swing, Anna Järvinen, Life on Earth! and Dreamboy. Their self-titled debut album, The Amazing, is wide-ranging and spans everything from groovy electric folk rock, via psychedelic pop, to airy acoustic ballads. It was released in 2009, followed up by singles for the tr...

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David Lemaitre (DE)

A voice that is reminiscent of José González and Beirut. An introspection you might know of Elliot Smith and Nick Drake, and the influence of psychedelic bands from the seventies. You might think David Lemaitre has heard it all in his youth. Guess again. Lemaitre was born in the thin air of La Paz, Bolivia. His mother raised him on the songs of the South American highlands. Studying in Germany and traveling through Europe got Lemaitre in contact with all different kinds of music. What he made himself was a mixture of folk and electronics. For six months he worked on EP Valediction, and now he is finishing his first complete album in Berlin. In a live setting, Lemaitre creates orchestral landscapes with his voice, guitar and minimal loop ...

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