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Jailbreak Academy

Debbie Ray

DEBBIE RAY is a hard rock machine which developed after 2 band's break up's. DEBBIE RAY formed in Herrljunga, near Gothenburg, Sweden in 2005. All though DEBBIE RAY is a pretty new face on the swedish rock-scene the boys have delivered rock and roll music in various constillations for over 10 years.

The band members are all born and raised in the hard rock era from late 80's and early 90's which has truly influed the band to take this sort of music to a new level in the new decade of decadence. Even though the boys like to call it rock n roll, their music could best be described as heavy sleaze rock.

DEBBIE RAY is only in it for the show! The energy of a stage show is what the boys in the band live for. ADRENALINE-P...

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