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Kris Wadsworth

The now 24 year old young man started producing electronic music at the age of 14, a professional DJ at age 16, and his first record release at age 17. Not bad considering that he is from one of the most difficult places to become established: Detroit. Kris learned the trade, as it were, from seasoned veterans of the old school Detroit scene, playing countless warehouses, clubs, bars, etc, from such a young age. The nostalgia heard in his work and DJ sets is a direct result from years of exposure to the original sounds of Detroit, Chicago, New York, and European artists. An avid listener and crate digger at age 12, Kris is well versed in all types of music: Jazz, funk, R'n'B, classic Hip Hop, etc... All of these influences can be heard a...

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Lopazz (GE)

Since 1994 Stefan Eichinger a.k.a. Lopazz has been part of the Heidelberg based HD800 team. He also runs the multimedia label 800achtspur, and is renowned as a film composer, having written more than 30 scores over the years. In 2001, he had success with Redagain P when they remixed the Miami Vice theme; then, in 2003, Lopazz’s self-titled EP was released by Output Recordings, followed by the singles “Blood” (including a Tiefschwarz remix) and his first bona fide club hit “I Need Ya” (later re-licensed by French fashion label Colette). It's success led to Lopazz remixing Germany’s biggest pop act Xavier Nadoo, while techno legend Sven Väth snapped up “I Need Ya” for his Sound of the Fourth Season mix CD.

Stefan’s relationship ...

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