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The GUBA & 4SYTE Award-winning Afropop duo FOKN Bois, popularly known for thanking God their not a Nigerians after giving the world it's first Pidgen Musical "Coz Ov Moni" have already taken Hiplife to the final frontier sharing stages around the world with Snoop Dogg, Sway, Femi Kuti, Little Brother, Irie Maffia and The Gorillaz.

They have been interviewed on BBC Radio 1, BBC 1XTRA and BBC World Service, and have been featured in prestigious zines such as Arise, FAB & Canoe. Their latest release "FOKN Dunaquest in Budapest" has been remixed by the biggest names in global house/bass from around the world.

Often compared to duos like Outkast, Red & Meth and LMFAO, but their fans (all being upgraded to air conditione...

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