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Brodinski (FR)

Brodinski, 1 has his right hand on the hardened minimalist edge and his left hand on the electro party scene. He's part of the fluokids phenomenon. His sets are clean but the tracks are dirty, and the "mix tapes" he offers on his blog never disappoint.
Baby Djs are awake since 2006, be careful Brodinski may be the bad boy of this blogaddicted gang !
Coming from Reims, he started music at 15 and just never stopped hitting the dancefloor harder and harder...
His friendship with Yuksek helped him to begin the production of music of mass destruction: "Bad runner" is a must play for any DJ dealing with bloghouse and maximalist techno sets!
He also appears on many hostings and mashups with his friends creating new dimensi...

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Zoe Xenia (NE)

Zoë Xenia's productions are marked by a distinct hybrid of funk fueled beats, melodic chords and rolling bass lines, married in harmony with her soulful voice, both as a lead vocal and as an instrument itself; “I like recording myself having the hiccups, and making some fine rhythms with it."
Her original productions/remixes and collaborations have been released on labels such as Plastic City, Suara, Kling Klong, Connaisseur, BassCulture, Pacha, Kosmo, 1:53.2, Tronic Soundz and Toolroom.
With her powerful sets, soulful voice and ability to produce sounds as if from another planet, she perform as a DJ and Live electronic act around the globe.
One of Zoë's first tracks, “Cherish” on split EP with Estroe, on C...

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