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Zip of Fire

Stella By Starlight

Thousands of lost souls descend upon Los Angeles each year to satiate their inexplicable appetite for fame and fortune.  For Nathan Fowler, aka Stella By Starlight, this opaque dream needed a voice. "Californiaphobic" is Stella By Starlight's journeyman manifesto, dancing atop the gravestones of Nostalgia and Familiarity while at once mourning their passing.

Born a blue-eyed cowboy in Austin, Texas, Stella By Starlight grew up in the Low Country of South Carolina.  He spent his nights impassionately cruising the streets of Myrtle Beach in his LeBaron convertible.  He eventually grew an affinity for the finer things in life, and off he went to college.   

At Duke University, Stella By Starlight was exposed to rhythm...

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