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There are two artists with the name "Kropp":

1) KROPP ("Body") is a swedish old school EBM act using their native language effectively instead of the cliché-ridden english or german. Sounds like DAF but has particularly been influenced by early Nitzer Ebb and their albums up to and including That Total Age. Specifically McCarthy's vocal influence can be heard frequently in KROPP's music.

KROPP released the first demo in 2007, which was a standard old school ebm release. An official album entitled "Kroppmusikk" was released later in a digital format on the band's webpage, which presented songs of quality, which KROPP is known for. At this stage, real live drums have been used, which is unique in this style of music....

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AGREZZIOR is a new EBM project consisting of members Rob (GUERRILLA), Johan Damm (former MENTICIDE) and Jeppe (AUTODAFEH). The ideas about the project started in mid-2008 when we helped each other with miscellaneous stuff. Now in 2009 the band is signed with the American record label Sigsaly including bands like Portion Control, K-Bereit, NTRSN, RED FLAG Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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