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Leng Tch'e (VE)

A fixture in the European grindcore scene for more than 10 years, LENG TCH'E was formed in 2001 by members of ABORTED and underground cult band ANAL TORTURE. Basing their own hybrid of grindcore on bands such as REGURGITATE, HEMDALE, NASUM and BLOOD DUSTER and mixing it all up with some stoner / rock / hardcore influences, the band baptized their own unique style, now known as “razorgrind”. After quickly gaining a large underground following through the release of a split 7” and two full length albums, LENG TCH'E became widely recognized with their third album "The Process of Elimination" (Relapse Records, 2005), which was mixed by Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, ABORTED, DARK TRANQUILITY). Hooks that sink into your brain accompanied some of th...

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