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Golden Kanine

Sweden's Golden Kanine started off as a loud guitar based indie-rock band but went on to experiment with more diverse instruments and a more intimate approach. Their debut album "Scissors & Happiness" incorporated a wall of snares, mandolins, trombones, banjos, guitars, fuzz bass guitar, pianos which combined the sonic noise of indie rock with the delicate feel of lo-fi and the more danceable parts of folk music, it received rave reviews in Germany & led to the band signing to Glitterhouse.

What they say about their new album:
"One ill conceived remark about having a new album out next spring during a concert launched a year of febrile work. Few of the songs were in place, rehearsed and tested in public, actually only t...

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Grant Creon

Hailing from Malmö, south of Sweden, Grant Creon started playing together centered around Mattias Larssons songwriting talent. Influenced by the music of early seventies like; Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Band and The Allmans as well as later disciples of the same; Will Oldham, Damien Jurado and Magnolia Electric Co. but glimpses of bands like Granddaddy and Cure also creeps in. Grant Creon comes out as something of a cross in-between. Their MySpace Profile saying; ‘Classic rock/Melodramatic Popular Song/Country’ pretty much sums it up.

Despite its members having been friends for more than ten years, and in some cases even living together, it was not until a bit later Grant Creon started playing in its current f...

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Cupid Kidz