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Icon in Me (RU)

The Russian-European project ICON IN ME's history took its rise in August 2007.
After the Moscow band Hostile Breed's activity stopped, its inspirer the guitarist D.Frans had the idea to launch a new, longed-for international project. Within two months the band membership both from Russia and Europe was settled. At the start of November, the band began recording their debut fullsize album recorded under the authority of the widely-recognized producer Jacob Hansen (Destruction, Mercenary, Raunchy etc.) in the Danish studio Hansen records.

During six months of working in many various studios within Europe and Russia, the work on the album was in a full swing. To help work on this album, many guest musicians were invited, in...

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BatAAr was formed 2005 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

BatAAr has four members; Endigo (Vocals), Patrik (Guitar), Simon (Guitar), and Tobias (Drums).

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Beyond Sanity

This is our story so far... I started this band with another guitarist when i was about 18 years old... I started it with him, because i thougt he would play the guitar very well, because he was already playing it for about 10 years...

When i found out what his skills were i doubted that :-P...

I was still trying to find other musicians that had the same dreams and interests in music, and of course people that knew how to play their instruments...

When i was still with this guitarist i started out with, we went to an After Forever concert and one girl who was from my hometown could REALLY sing and i totally wanted her in my band... My ex-girlfriend actually came up with the idea, because we were actually ...

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