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Smash Into Pieces

Smash Into Pieces is an explosive rock band with worldwide aspirations – delivering their special blend of modern arena rock in a purely honest and attractive way. The young, highly ambitious five piece formed in Örebro, Sweden, has built an impressive impact and following in their relatively short existence. SMASH INTO PIECES, as the bands name go, stands for the vision they all share – the path, focus and will to realizing their career goals.

SMASH INTO PIECES truly makes modern rock, combining the phenomenal vocal and lyrical depth of Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye with the aggressive yet melodic guitar attacks from Benjamin Jennebo and Per Bergquist, and the hard hitting combination of bassist Viktor Vidlund and drummer Isak Sno...

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Heading Back Home

Markus Persson - Guitar and Vocals
Tobbe Persson - Drums
Erik Lindgren - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Davve Lindberg - Bass
Jocke Lindberg - Guitar

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Cynical Pheria Infection (NO)


There is at least two artists with the name Edgy:

1. An award-winning amateur electronic music producer from Finland. Edgy focuses mainly on liquid drum and bass, but he has also composed few electro and glitchstep tunes alongside group Åkelund Techmasters.

2. Someone once remarked, having witnessed the awesome pop power of Edgy at the 12 Bar Club, that they were like "Shirley Bassey supported by the Buzzcocks." They might have had a point because Edgy aim to evoke Fifites Soho coffee bar rock, but with a Sixties pop Diva style and late Seventies sensibilities, at the same time avoiding Eighties synths and big hair, while embracing Nineties grungy guitars but definitely eschewing the Naughties vocoder, auto-tune gen...

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