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Hitt (JP)

1) HITT is a solo J-Rock artist from Chiba, in Japan. His clothing style makes often people think of him as a Visual Kei artist, even though he isn't from this movement.

HITT was the bassist of the new and upcoming Japanese Ninja Band (as they call themselves), Otokage, but left the band in June 2009 to concentrate on his solo career.
He released the album "MEGA HITT" in 2007. He then got himself a contract with Ramen Events/HINODE RECORDS and released a mini album titled "カッコつけマン" (Kakkotsuke Man) in September 2009. He then kept on writing songs and released a full-length album called "I ♥ HITTERS" during 2010. His newest mini album, "Because It's Love" released on July 2011.
A live DVD of his show at the "Made in ...

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