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There are numerous bands by the name of Avatar who share this page. Only in metal there are at least six of them.

1. Swedish metal band
2. Hungarian hard rock band
3. Belgian black metal band

1. The Swedish metal band, Avatar was formed in Gothenburg in 2001 by drummer John Alfredsson and vocalist Christian Rimmi as Lost Soul. After several changes in the line-up, Avatar now consists of John Alfredsson (drums), Johannes Eckerström (vocals), Tim Öhrström (guitar), Jonas Jarlsby (guitar) and Henrik Sandelin (bass).

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Changes, turns and crossroads.

The path of Miosis has not been a straight one, but the glowing light in the tunnel has always kept the collective moving in one common direction. That light has been belief in the music, the will of expression, the drive of creativity and the pride of the product, the art, or whatever. The goal is and has always been, some sort of success and a chance to live as musicians. The desire to buy time, peace of mind, money and energy enough to quit, or at least cut down, on other work-like activities...

Down hills (or ups)

The album, Albedo adaptation (Lion music, 2009) has been treated very well by listeners, writers and reviewers, and except for a few flaws in the product...

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The Bjorn

The Bjorn

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Mascot Parade

Mascot Parade was formed back in 2003 under the name of The Buck by singer, songwriter & guitarplayer Henrik Bringås, guitarplayer Staffan Andersson and drummer Christer Teglund.

Two weeks into the bands history they found themselves in the studio recording the first demo. This demo really saw the band take off. The demo was crowned "demo of the month" in local newspaper VLT, as well as "demo of the week" on Close-Up Magazine said "suprise of the month" and "new kind of kick". Suddenly both Swedish and British labels started to show interest in the band and their unique sound. This unique sound could later be heard on both Swedish and British national radio.

In 2004 the band decided to sign a recording co...

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