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Bob Wayne (US)

Acoustic / Country artist from Seattle, Washington.

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Crypt Kicker 5

The Cryptkicker Five started out as a threepiece acoustic combo in 1995. Three semi-adult ADHD problemchilds with no money and lots of swagger. They started playing to beat boredom, loneliness and because they were hell-bent on doing whatever they damned well pleased.
They took their name from the old Monster Mash song and started playing a rare brand of blues, gospel and country-soaked acoustic punk. They would play for free booze, nickels and dimes. They wore second hands suits and olive oil in their hair. Matt Played guitar, Odd sang and the One String King played on his One-String to the delight of alcoholics and hellraisers everywhere. The One String was a powerful symbol of what they stood for: Doing it yourself and doing it l...

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The Coffinshakers

What if Johnny Cash had been more interested in vampires, werewolves, and the German expressionistic cinema than in walking the line? Meet the Coffinshakers.

Formed in 1995 in Karlstadt, Sweden, by Rob Coffinshaker (Robert Fjällsby), the Coffinshakers eked out an existence from small printings of 7" red vinyl singles and occasional gigs to a mostly uninterested audience. Their first single, "Dracula Has Risen from the Grave," inspired by the classic Hammer horror film, appeared in 1996. Consisting of Rob on vocals and guitar, Joe Undertaker on bass, Fang on electric guitar, and Andy Bones on drums (after the 2000 departure of Blackfist Bill "to study voodoo practices"), the band survived the audience indifference by the boldne...

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