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The Greencoats

Music reminiscent of both My Bloody Valentinesque shoegaze, 60's British R'n'B, and dirty Detroit garage; the perfect soundtrack to an evening under the summer sun with your best mates and a cold pint of lager.

"Under the influence of Jess Franco, Soledad Miranda & Jean Rollin I had the urge to compose fragments of those 60’s & 70’s movies I was inspired of. As time flew by & the lack of interest for my other projects The Greencoats finally got the spot in my heart it deserves. At the same time silence was a 1 priority..."

-Ramo Spatalovic

Current members (as of April 2008):

Captain R. Greencoat: Vocals, guitars, organs etc.
Jonnie med Amfetaminet: Bass, vocals etc.
Mr. Swedish Moose...

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