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Lena Willemark

Lena Willemark was born in 1960 in the village of Evertsberg, Sweden, which is situated in the province of Dalecarlia. The heritage of folk music lies deeply enrooted in Lena's music. She plays the violin and has become the best-known interpreter of traditional folk music in Sweden. In the early Eighties while at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm she became involved with jazz singing and the combination of the two music styles has made her one of this country's most unique artists. She has worked with such groups as Frifot, Entell, Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble and the award-winning group Nordan together with Ale Möller. She has also collaborated with the composer Karin Rehnqvist. In 1998 when Stockholm was the Cultural Capital of Eu...

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Mats Öberg

Tuule Kann

Jaak Sooäär

Jaak Sooäär’s (b. 1972) guitar ignites spontaneous improvisations, detonates dance beats, bursts noise envelopes and showers jazz- & rock-sharpnel.
At the moment, he is one of the busiest musicians on the Estonian jazz scene. It seems that he has co-operated with everyone who has something to say in the jazz related music. Sooäär is also one of the very few Estonian jazzmen who often performs abroad.
He has played with Daniel Erdmann, Pierre Dørge, Han Bennink, Raoul Björkenheim, Achille Succi, Sture Ericsson and Arkadi Gotesman. He played in all Scandinavian countries, Baltic States, Russia, Germany, France and Holland.
In the 1990s he studied in the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. In 1998 founded The Dynamite ...

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