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Social Pretender

Social Pretender is a female fronted punk rock band with grunge influences. Tired of living in a society where everyone is being spoonfed and transformed into clones, the group wants to inspire people to dare do what they dream of, make their own conscious choices and stop following societies washed out social game rules. 

All four members are settled in Stockholm, Sweden and have been playing together for about a year. The music consists of loud guitars, strong dynamics combined with vocals from haunted singing to distorted screaming. The tight rhythm section creates a groove that makes it hard not to dig your neck sore. At their live shows they are known for the constant energy and emotion they put into their music and per...

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8 Steps to Perfection

The Blitz

Shotgun Crackers

Shotgun Crackers - Pop/rock-band from sweden.

Fredrik Nilsson - Vox
Niklas Henry Karlsson - Guitar
Gustav Bladlund - Guitar + Vox
Albin Fröjd - Bass + Vox
Simon Kolström - Drums
Sebastian Ganz - Keyboard
Jens Broström - Percussions + Vox
All members are from Rimbo and Norrtälje, a couple of miles north of Stockholm - the capital of Sweden.

In the fall of 2006 Albin Fröjd (bass), Fredrik Nilsson (vox), Niklas Henry Karlsson (guitar) and Simon Kolström (drums) started the pop/rockband Shotgun Crackers.
- The name turned out by coincid...

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