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Ehsan Khaje Amiri (IR)

Ehsan Khajeh Amiri (Persian: احسان خواجه امیری) born October 29, 1984 in Iran, is an Iranian singer. he is son of famous Persian traditional music singer, Iraj. He performed some of the songs in the film Moon is Shining Tonight.He formed in Iran in 2004.

Studio Albums
Mano Baba (Persian: من و بابا, means "Me and Father") 2004
Baraye Avvalin Bar (Persian: برای اولین بار, means "For the first time") 2005
Salame Akhar (Persian: سلام آخر, means "The last greeting") 2007
Fasle Tazeh (Persian: فصل جدید, means "New Season") 2009
Ye Khatere Az Farda (Persian: يه خاطره از فردا, means "A Memory From Tomorrow") 2010
Asheghaneha (Persian: عاشقانه ها, means "The Amorous") 2012 Read more on . User-cont...

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