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Joel Regal

Dorm Patrol

Pop/punk/Rock/Hardcore band from Strömstad, Sweden

Max Dahlby Vocals,Guitar
Johan Olsson Vocals,Lead Guitar
Anton Hognert Vocals ,Bass
Marcus Rosell ,Drums

Dorm Patrol is the Swedish skate punk, pop punk act with the fast and catchy
songs that even Blink 182 and All Time Low would be proud of.

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Steve and The Alcoholics

Steve and the Alcoholics are a punk rock band from Sweden that formed in 2007. The band brought out their first release for free, a "Demo" in 2007.

Steve and the Alcoholics is a new, but still old school, skatepunk band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was started by Steve himself a couple years ago. But it's not until now, after some changes in the line-up and an upgrade from trio to quartet, that the band has found its true concept and sound.
The final line-up is a tasteful blend of members from several Swedish punk rock bands such as Chemical Vocation, When We Fall, Bowser and Go Drowsy. Together they form a solid quartet and their goal is to deliver hi-energy, old school skatepunk with an innovative and fresh twist.<...

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