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Grimes (CA)

The electronic musician C Boucher, better known as Grimes, was born on 17 March 1988 in Vancouver, Canada and is based in Los Angeles. Her music is an eclectic mix of styles which she described herself as "ADD music", because it shifts frequently and dramatically. She fuses contemporary instrumentation with classical vocal practices.

Boucher was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2006, she moved to Montreal, Canada to attend Montreal's McGill University, studying Russian literature and later, neuroscience. During her studies, she began to record and perform under the name Grimes. While in Montreal, she began attending concerts put on by local experimental musicians at Lab Synthèse, a performance space located i...

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Doldrums (CA)

There are at least five bands named Doldrums.
1. An electronic band of Airick Woodhead from Toronto and Montreal, Canada (formed around 2010).
2. An experimental rock band from Fairfax, Virginia, US (were active in 1994-2000).
3. A sludge metal/grindcore band from Denver, Colorado, US (released an EP and album in 2007-2008).
4. A punk rock band from Gainesville, Florida, US (released an album and EP in 1987-1988).
5. A rock band from Bochum, Germany (released a single in 1984).

1) A project of a Montreal based musician and videoartist Airick Woodhead started around 2010. He creates intense music for staying up all night, just thinking. It's "a sea of chopped up samples, disembodied vocals and tribal pe...

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