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TwoPointEight's members: Fredrick Björck (guitar & vocals), José Dominguez (bass & vocals), Fredrik Eriksson (guitar & vocals) and Thomas Åberg (drums).
According to themselves they are "the erring link between The Clash, Tom Waits and 'Bogarts Filmkatalog'". Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Atlas Losing Grip

In 2005, when the melodic punk scene in Sweden was almost completely dead, they appeared.
Atlas Losing Grip rose from the ashes and their debut album Shut the World Out took them touring around Europe.

Satanic Surfers lead singer and frontman Rodrigo Alfaro, who had appeared as a guest vocalist on the debut album, was recruited in 2008.
Things fell into place and the group was completed.
As a five-piece, they recorded Watching the Horizon. The result? Five brilliant tracks. And for the first time in years, Swedish punk rock felt alive and real.

The band toured all over Europe and supported Bad Religion on a few Scandinavian dates before starting to work on their next album, State of Unrest, which was...

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