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Fibes, Oh Fibes!

Fibes, Oh Fibes! is a Swedish pop/soul-band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band consists of three members; Christian Olsson, Edvin Edvinsson and Mathias Nilsson.
They made their breakthrough on the Swedish charts with singels "One Hour Baby" and "This City's Got No Boulevards". They play piano-heavy pop with influences by american westcoast rock, adult oriented rock, the slick production of disco-era fleetwood mac and blue eyed soul.

The band formed in 2001 and released their debut album "Still Fresh" in 2004, the album is characterized by a soulful sound with lot's of brass and piano. Two years later second album "Emotional" saw the light of day wich presented a new soundscape for the band. With "Emotional" a tra...

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