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Donkeyboy (NO)

DonkeyBoy is a synth pop band from Drammen, Norway. The band was founded in 2005. Members as of June 2009 are Cato Sundberg, Kent Sundberg, Thomas Drabløs, Peter Michelsen and Alexander Garborg Ågedal. Their first single, «Ambitions», was released in 2009 on the Warner Music Norway label, March 30th 2009.

Thanks to heavy rotation on Norway’s largest and most important pop radio station, NRK P3. Their debut Album «Caught in a life» hit the stores 19th of October 2009 and was generally well received as well as selling platinum in Norway. Linnea Dale, a former finalist in the Norwegian Idol, is a guest singer on the first single, «Ambitions». Linnea left the group in 2010 and goes solo.

Trivia: Members of the legendar...

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Vikunja is a rock band from Halmstad, Sweden. In November 2007 the band was signed to Air Chrysalis Scandinavia. Their label describe them as: "a traditional rockband with great, modern songs. The influences are everything from Coldplay to Guns n Roses".

In October 2008 the band released the website, a website that claims to be a tattoo studio. In reality the website was used to make a viral about their new music video for the song Some People. The music video was directed by Kalle Haglund who have directed music videos for bands such as The Hives and Mando Diao.

The line up is:
Alex Hansson (Vocals)
Martin Larsson (Drums)
Johan Israelsson (Guitar)
Albin Bengtsson (Guitar)...

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