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Blood Red Shoes (UK)

Consisting of Steven Ansell (vocals and drums) and Laura-Mary Carter (vocals and guitar), they formed in Brighton, 2005 after their previous bands (Cat On Form and Lady Muck respectively) had broken up and they decided to "have a jam".

They have performed many, many live shows to date and initially released four 7" records on different independent labels (Jonson Family, Try Harder, Abeano/XL, Drowned in Sound). They were signed to V2 with whom they released the singles It's Getting Boring By The Sea (June 11, 2007) and I Wish I Was Someone Better (October 29, 2007).

Their debut album Box Of Secrets was finally released in April 2008 on Mercury Records, where they were transferred to following the sale of V2 to Unive...

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Wallace Vanborn

February 2006: Ian Clement, Sylvester Vanborm and Dries Hoof make their first live appearance as Wallace Vanborn, an eager and young three-piece rockband bringing a mixture of heavy stonerrock and sexy, danceable drumbeats. A magical formula that soon provided the band with a solid live reputation and the current nickname “Pletwallace” (Pletwals = the Dutch word for steamroller).

The band released their critically acclaimed debut “Free Blank Shots” early 2010. The album hit the web, sprung airplay for the first singles and resulted in tours throughout Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, the United Kingdom and along the USA Westcoast.

Wallace Vanborn made a smashing impression on the Euro...

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