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S.C.U.M (US)

1. S.C.U.M was a London, UK-based post-punk band. They took their name from the 1968 feminist manifesto Society For Cutting Up Men. They formed in late 2007 and and released their first single - Visions Arise, produced by Tom Cowan of The Horrors - in September 2008. Drummer Ruaridh Conellan left the band and was replaced by Melissa Rigby in November 2008.
The band released a full-length debut Again Into Eyes, which peaked at no. 192 in UK; before splitting up in early 2013. The album spawned two singles, Amber Hands and Whitechapel.
Webb, Rigby and Baker later went on to form the trio Astral Pattern.
2. S.C.U.M was a Montreal band. S.C.U.M. already existed from 1980 but the album was released in 1985. They also appeared o...

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