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Slaktattack (Slaughter Attack) was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in February 2002. Yxan (vocals) and Krea (guitar) had thought of the name years earlier, and at a friend's 30:th birthday party they finally got their act together. Then Svanne (guitar), Nippa (bass) and Plytet (drums) were drafted and the band began writing songs in the raw punk vein.

Initially Plytet played the bass and Nippa was the drummer. Banging out the D-beat rhythms came more naturally to Plytet however, and anyone who has seen Nippa wave a bass guitar around can clearly see how them switching instruments was best for the band.

2003 they released their first CD-R "Lagen Om Alltings Jävlighet" (something like Murphy's Law). A year later the foll...

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