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Sterile Hermaphrodite

Over the four years since Sterile Hermaphrodite was formed in early 2005 their sound always been pretty hard to fixture. It will probably never change either.

Their sound can be described as Stoner-influenced raw-Grunge mixed with the energy of the 80's Punk-Rock. Imagine that blended with some Garage, Surf, Jazz, Pop, 50's and a tiny twist of Metal.

With a good portion sense of humor, busty tunes and loads of energy at live shows, Sterile Hermaphrodite has been brought to the next level. Now they're planning on their debut album which will be released by the cool dutch label Ziekte-NL later this year! Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional te...

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Taikes was founded on the fall of 2002 by Johan, Alex and their previous drummer Axel, who was later replaced by present drummer Oskar just a week before their first gig in spring 2003. They started off as a true grunge-band in best Nirvana spirit. Although their early "hits" My Thoughts, Reflections and Could It Be Love had a good melody and a heart of its own, it almost sounded as a duplication of Nirvana, which they got to hear a lot after their first gigs. This had different impacts on the audience. Some loved it because they saw it as the revival of the grunge and starting of a new era, while others hated it and claimed it was being a complete rip-off. Although Taikes has never abandoned the genre, singer/songwriter Johan and the ba...

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