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Martin Fröst

Nationality: Swedish

Places of study: Stockholm Musical Academy and Hannover Musikhochschule

Teachers include: Sölve Kingstedt and Hans Deinzer

The Swedish Soloists Biennale, the CIEM Geneva Competition (sole 1st prize), the Nippon Music Award, the Borletti-Buitoni Trust Award.

'Such soft tones are seldom heard, such stealthy, imperceptible crescendi from absolute silence, such chiselled accentuation, all with a generously flowing musicality.' (Serge Gregory, Repertoire, Paris)

'His solo in Messiaen plays for the abyss of time. Fröst hit the tone of eternity, the transition between silence and sonority.." (Olaf Weiden, Kölnishe Rundschau)

'Such s...

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