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The Goner

The Goner is a psychedelic / folk rock band from Stockholm, Sweden formed in 2008 as solo project by Daniel Westerlund and nowadays - several releases and live shows later - six members strong live band playing an eclectic range of instruments including banjo, violin and effect treatments.

The Goner debuted in 2008 with a series of EPs dubbed the H-Trilogy on Daniel Westerlund's own CD-R label Svarta Marknaden : Halartrallar, Hind Hand and Haven. These limited releases garnered some interest and collectively secured the #1 spot on It's a Trap! Scandinavian Music Journal's top album list of 2008. The following year, Hind Hand and Haven were reissued as the double album HH on United States-based label Deep Water Acres. Featuring...

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