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Late Night Club

Death By Armborst

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists

"Riotous, rambunctious and raw, and warrant a closer listen and a bigger budget." Chris Long, Producer BBC Manchester.

"...makes Sham 69 sound like The Strokes...far from a conventional band"

"It's quite simply bloody charming!" Groove Magazine, Sweden

"Stone Roses on laughing gas with a totally speeding Ian Brown on the mic." Gothenburg Post

Formed by Ross Downing from Salford, Manchester, UK some time around 2005. Recorded a four track CD #Bombing the Underground# released in early 2007, with members of Tread New Traumas, Stay Moriarty, The Oholics and Jacques Labouchere who later joined the band on Bass. The band is clearly active despite no further releases, wit...

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