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Hot Chelle Rae (US)

Hot Chelle Rae was Nashville pop rock band. They began with a meeting etween singer-songwriter Nash Overstreet and guitarist Ryan Follese in 2005. After several changes, they eventually finalised their line up as Follese (lead vocalist), Overstreet (lead guitarist) plus Ian Keaggy (bass) and Jamie Follese (drums) and named themselves after their first "dedicated" fan, Chelle Rae.

All four Hot Chelle Rae members have family connections to other entertainers. Lead guitarist Nash Overstreet is the son of Country songwriter Paul Overstreet. His brother, Chord Overstreet, is an actor best known for playing Sam on Glee. Vocalist Ryan Follese and drummer Jamie Follese's father, Keith Follese, is also a country songwriter. Bass playe...

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LCTRISC call their music “Maximal”, which is explained as: “A crazy fusion dance music and garage noise. Guitar riffs cut into pieces in symbiosis with cheap drum samples and midi synths. And a banana shaker.”

Lenny and Leslie form the duo LCTRISC and have found their own way of mixing electronica with rock vibes, crazy playfulness, hooky guitar and synth figures and heavy beats.

Influences: Ratatat, Madonna, William S. Burrough, Gorillaz, The Rugrats, Dr. Pepper, Frank Miller, Village People, Cowboy Bebop, Chromeo, Black Grape, Beck Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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