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Püssy a Go Go

Black Breath (US)

Black Breath is a band from the Pacific Northwest who have quickly shredded their way to popularity. With members of Shook Ones, Go It Alone, Blue Monday, Get the Most, and Läs mer


There are at least four Victims:
1) A crust/hardcore punk band from Stockholm, Sweden.
2) A late 70s American punk band from New York City.
3) The third are a brutaldeathcore from Jirkov/Chomutov, Czech Republic.
4) An Australian punk band active from 1977-79. (see also: Läs mer


Raw and crusty oldschool Death Metal from Östergötlands län, Sweden. Tormented is a project from members of Tortyr and Edge of Sanity. Current line-up
Andreas "Drette" Axelson - Vocals/Guitar (Läs mer