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Black Breath (US)

Black Breath is a death metal/crossover band from the Pacific Northwest who have quickly shredded their way to popularity. With members of Shook Ones , Go It Alone , Blue Monday , Get the Most , and On , they began in 2007 as crossover band with a joking spirit such as songs like "Party Idea" in their 2007 Demo. In 2008, they released a 4-song 12" EP, Razor To Oblivion, which proved their step in a more serious direction, writing riffs that are reminiscent of first-wave thrash, black, and death metal bands such as Celtic Frost and Hellhammer , but maintain a traditional hardcore punk undertone.

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There are at least five Victims:
1) A crust/hardcore punk band from Stockholm, Sweden.
2) A late 70s American punk band from New York City.
3) The third are a brutaldeathcore from Jirkov/Chomutov, Czech Republic.
4) An Australian punk band active from 1977-79. (see also: The Victims )
5) A hardcore band from Streamwood, Illinois formerly known as "A Devil For Me".

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Raw and crusty oldschool Death Metal from Östergötlands län, Sweden. Tormented is a death metal project from members of Tortyr and Edge of Sanity . Current line-up
Andreas "Drette" Axelson - Vocals/Guitar ( Incapacity , Marduk , Infestdead , Edge of Sanity , Tortyr )
Claes Holmberg - Guitar ( Tortyr )
Roberth Karlsson - Bass ( Devian , Facebreaker , Pan.Thy.Monium , Incapacity , Edge of Sanity , Scypozoa , Kill , Solar Dawn , Darkified , Scar Symmetry , The Deadbeats , The Nasty Flames , FISTEL , Tortyr , Aktiv Dödshjälp , No Fucking God )

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