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Raubtier (German: carnivore/predator) is an industrial metal band from Haparanda, Sweden, formed in 2008. They came up with the name from the movie "Predator", which in German is "Das Raubtier".

For now, the band released four albums which are:
* Det Finns Bara Krig [eng. There Is Only War] - 25 March 2009
* Skriet Från Vildmarken [eng. Call of the Wild] - 22 September 2010
* Från Norrland Till Helvetets Port [eng. From Northern to Hell Port] - 25 April 2012
* Pansargryning [eng. Panzer Dawn] 5 February 2014

Current members are:
* Pär Hulkoff - vocals, guitar and keyboard.
* Jonas Kjellgren - bass guitar
* Mark 'Buffeln' Buffalo - drums

Previous members were:
* Wayl...

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Perception of Darkness

Perception of Darkness is a band of Industrial Melodic Metal, with a very heavy sound and dark, using too vocals with guttural resembling Black Metal.

The band was started in 2007 by Karl Johansson and Jonathan Lundgren in anderslöv skåne Sweden.
The band settup at that time was a bit messy, with Karl as singer and rhythm guitar and Jonathan playing Lead.
They invited Daniel Jensen to play drums in the band and Morgan Rohwling to play the bass. It didn't work out to well
So they changed the band settup to Daniel on Bass and morgan got kicked out. They used drums on playback (recorded by Karl) and
also keyboard on playback (Also recorded by karl). Then later in 2008 they needed someone to play rhythm g...

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