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The Feeling of Love (FR)

The Feeling of Love began as a one-man band, but is now a trio.

"Feeling of Love may very well be one of the most under-rated acts out there these days, but it seems they're starting to get their due...a two-piece on this platter (with G adding Seb Normal's presence on most of the cuts), FOL bring back best of Nineties-garage-blues (Oblivians, jon spencer blues explosion, and Doo Rag at their finest) without the stench of revisionism, updating those styles with a Pussy Galore-like slop of noise and a healthy dose of acerbic wit. Guitars alternately slide and slash, keyboards get punched and stepped on amid the fray, Frenchmen sneer and whoop at you, drums boom and then turn coffee-can hollow...they run blues-trash through the ...

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