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Eyeballin' Torpedoes

New Bowl Center Gullmarsplan
Simlångsvägen 50
120 39 Årsta
Telefon: 08-91 11 70

Eyeballin' Torpedoes

Sharing a common vision of raw, untamed and wild rockabilly with influences from punk, country, psycho and hillbilly, blues and other American roots music, the two brothers (if it ain't family, it ain't cuntry) Martin and Bob started Eyeballin’ Torpedoes in 2004. They were both getting out of of old, tired bands. At first it was just about tearing some shit up. Soon they realized the beat and the swing was just too cool to be wasted away.

Alex joined up and shortly after they recorded the 4-track cd "In Stereo where available" in a backroom of the local bar, using whatever crappy equipment & abusing whatever shitty booze available. The sound quality wasn’t at all! But still the record came to be quite a success. The title song...

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