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Style of Eye

In the early 1990s, working from a studio in the northern-most parts of Sweden, Linus Eklow laid the foundations for what is now known as Style Of Eye. ‘Right Now!’ was his first release on Derrick Carter’s Classic Music Company- and it received a major response from both the dance press and tastemakers alike. It didn’t take long before the house and techno community at large picked up on what Linus was doing.

With subsequent Style Of Eye releases such as ‘Gioco’ and ‘H-bomb’ and ‘We Got You’, Linus broke through onto dancefloors all over the world. His releases being played by such well-known names as Tiefschwarz, John Dahlback, Claude VonStroke, Tiga, and Laurent Garnier amongst many others…

Linus is one to look o...

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Vicious may refer to:

1) The Brooklyn-born Jamaican rapper, Lil' Vicious, onetime protégé of Doug E. Fresh. In 1994, Vicious dropped the "Lil" from his name and released one album, Destination Brooklyn.

2) A "graveyard rock" metal band.

*Hailing from Gold Coast, Australia, VICIOUS formed in January '96. Initially they were influenced by all the classic bands of the punk genre (Ramones, Exploited, Misfits, Sex Pistols etc.) but through the years have broadened their sound to develop their own unique style which also incorporates elements of streetpunk/oi!, and dirty rock a la Motorhead, Dwarves, Zeke, Turbonegro etc. Now as it stands they have a good variety of songs in their set, mixing fast heavy thrashe...

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