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High Five



Revl9n (pronounced "Revlon 9") are a synth pop group from Stockholm, Sweden composed of Maria Eilersen and Nandor Hegedüs, and are signed to the label "Because Records". The group was started in the late 90's.

To date Revl9n has released 3 singles: "United", "Walking Machine", and "Someone Like You."

They have worked with such artists as Simian Mobile Disco, SebastiAn, and MSTRKRFT.

Revl9n like it better when it hurts. They're a kiss from a machine, a scratch from your favourite feline. The sound is brittle and brutal, vulnerable and visceral, stark and sensual. While this season's guttersnipes are content to dabble in lazy nostalgia or some grubby art school affectation of sleaze, Revl9n stand wilfully ...

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