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The debut album "Tingsek" from 29 year old Magnus Tingsek from Södra Sandby, a suburb of Lund and Malmö in southern Sweden, was released in Scandinavia in the summer of 2005. There have been rumblings from the Swedish indie sector about Magnus since he turned 20 when he got his first record deal with Ramblin Records in Lund - the neighbouring town of Malmö in the Swedish South. After having experienced first-hand the record industry's many ups and more downs over the last years - he has been working on his music - finely tuning a style that he can call his own. It all began in the town of Sodra Sandby where Magnus and his brother Anders (long time member of Christian Kjellvander's touring band) got access to the cellar at the local libra...

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Brainpool is a pop music group from Lund, Sweden. They were most popular in the mid-1990s when they released three infectuous power-pop albums ("Soda" 1994, "Painkiller" 1995 and "Stay Free" 1996). During this period they sold over 100 000 albums in Sweden and enjoyed massive critical acclaim. In 1997 their lead singer, Janne Kask, left the group. The remaining three members continued as a trio and released "You Are Here" in 1999, a radical musical departure from the style of their previous albums. This new direction climaxed with the release of the rock opera "Junk" in 2004. This double album is an incredibly ambitious yet easily accesible work that took four years to complete. There is currently work underway to stage "Junk" as a stage...

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Sunflower Caravan (CZ)

A young trio from Prague, Czech Republic, which uses piano and hammond organ to play a mixture of alternative grooves and pop melodies, Sunflower Caravan enter the Czech music scene in October 2001. Members include: Ondrej Cermak (Andy), Vit Rosnecký, Michal Schich (Mitchell).
After playing in a number of Prague clubs the band toured Sweden with glam-rock artist The Ark , who had seen their performances in the Palace Akropolis. At the end of August, 2005, work began on their first single "Talkin 'About", officially launched on September 27th at the popular Akropolis Palace. Only 250 copies of the self-produced album were pressed. In 2006, the trio took a short trip to Sweden, visiting Malmö, Helsingborg and Växjö. In 2006 the ba...

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Gaby and the Guns

Gaby and the Guns är en svensk musikgrupp ursprungligen från Lund. Bandet bildades år 2007 och släppte sitt debutalbum Rygg mot Rygg år 2009 på skivbolaget National. Musiken är en typ av svensk folk med av inslag av pop, country och fransk visa. I februari 2010 mottog Gaby and the Guns Nöjesguidens musikpris.
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Stereo Explosion

Stereo Explosion is a Swedish band consisting of Jens Andersson (vocals), Oscar Hjelm (keyboards), Martin Axén (drums), Mikael Jepson (guitars) and Lasse "Leari" Ljungberg (bass).
Everyone else except Hjelm are members of a Swedish glam rock group The Ark.

The band started as a partyact in several clubs in Malmö and gained quite a live reputation. The songs are produced by Jens Andersson who has also produced The Ark, Lashíng Patsy and Renaissance Street who have been recogniced on the big 50. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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