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April Divine

Formed back in 1998 under the name "Starf*ck" in the small town Örnsköldsvik, Sweden (Peter Forsberg). 4 young hungry-for-rock guys blending their different influences such as, Punk, Pop, Grunge, Metal, and Funk, grew up together in the rehearsal studio. The only thing to do in Örnskoldsvik , if your not in to hockey , was to crank the shit out of the Sovtek/Peavy, and beating the hell out of the SONOR.

Soon the buzz got bigger and the gigs, studio time, radio airplay and newspaper coverage came as easy as the songs that kept flying through the bands instruments!

The biggest radio station in Sweden, P3, played Starf*ck numerous of times on the show "P3 Demo", and the band was voted and picked as the best unsigned ro...

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