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Grand Design

Pelle Saether former vocalist of Zeelion, Zello and Schizophrenic Circus and also producer/engineer for bands like Cryonic Temple, Axenstar, Steel Attack is now ready with a new band called GRAND DESIGN.

It all had started in 2006 as a project inspired by bands such as Europe, Scorpions and Def Leppard. The first thing after writing all songs was to get hold of a good drummer. Richard Holmgren – a very talented drummer and former member of “Vanessa - now playing in Wolf joined Saether. Guitarist Peter Ledin (ex Vanessa) was next – his style of playing is perfect for this project that now had turned into a band.

Peter understood quickly the vision of GRAND DESIGN, and after Fall 2006 songs like “Air it out”, “Love Se...

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