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MYRKVEDR is a viking metal band from Gothenburg which was founded in january 2010 by HAGAL, ASKEBLOSS and ROK.
The bands name comes from the old norse language and means "Dark Forest" which refers to the forest in the nordic mythology that acts as a border between Asgaard and Muspelheim.
The trio wrote their first material and began searching for a drummer and found GURKAN. Unfortunatly GURKAN had to leave because of personal reasons a few months later, so the band had a number of auditions until finally THURISAZ became their permanent drummer in May that same year.
In early 2011 HAGAL decided to stop playing the guitar to fully concentrate on singing so the band had an audition and Jakob Lund entered the band as guitaris...

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WARFECT was formed under a different name in 2003 and spawned the band that is now based out of Uddevalla, Sweden. The debut album DEPICTING THE MACABRE was released in November 2009 through My Kingdom Music. Guitar player Håkan Karlsson left the band in 2011 and the band decided to stay a three piece. In early 2012 the band signed a deal with CYCLONE EMPIRE RECORDS and recorded their second album EXONERATION DENIED in early 2013. Just when finishing up the album drummer Mattias Kern leaves the band is being replaced by Manne Flood. The ablum was released worldwide in late June 2013 and got raving reviews. The band was recently interviewed by Legacy Magazine (GER), Sweden Rock Magazine (SWE) and Close-Up Magazine (SWE) among others. Rea...

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Artist Summary
Genres: Metal / Gothic / Melodic
Artist Bio

Cecilia Kamf - Vocals
Richard Holmgren - Guitar |
Patrik Mattsson - Bass
Joakim Kristensen - Guitar
Dennis Johansson - Keyboards
Theo Arvidsson - Drums

Xhiria was founded in the fall 2007 by Richard & Joakim under the name Black Lotus. Shortly thereafter Patrik and Theo joined in. They got a singer by the name Daniel, whom later decided to leave the band.
Not long after Daniel left, Xhiria were accompanied by their friend Dennis to play keyboard. That was the line-up for quite some time.

Desperatly (but not really) searching for a singer they found Linnéa, who joined to take on the role...

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Grimner is a Folk/Viking Metal band from Motala, Sweden formed in March 2008. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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