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Showyourteeth (AT)

SHOWYOURTEETH look beyond the every-day issues of music. Since spring 2008 these 5 guys from Perchtoldsdorf, Austria long to differ from the pabulum called "scene". "We don't care about styles, trends, who's tougher, who's doing more blast beats, breakdowns, solos, whatever - we play music - and we love it, that's what counts the most to us." Driven by passion, not by egos SHOWYOURTEETH want to make people think about the barriers, clichés and boundaries they put themselves into. "It's not only about the music, you know, it's about the people waking up and facing that even if you're not into hardcore, metal, emo, punk, or whatever, RESPECT and OPEN MINDS are what might open their eyes and even make them look beyond one's own nose and dis...

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Knowing is Not Knowledge

Knowing Is Not Knowledge is a post-hardcore band from Skåne - Sweden. Their debut EP; This Is A Secret Message was released in 2010.

Their members are:

Fredrik Sandqvist
Jukka Svärd
Johan Andersson
Christoffer Magnusson
Fredrik Magnusson
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