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Virgin Ears

Fred Falke (FR)

Fred Falke met Alan Braxe in the military. Before that he was a funk bass player, but after an accidental meeting with Braxe years later they decided to collaborate as a dance music producing duo. In the heydays of what now is called French House, which was fronted by the likes of Daft Punk and Cassius, they released several singles (underground but highly appreciated) on the French Roulé and Vulture Music labels. The tunes they made, with which Fred became famous, were released in 2005 on The Upper Cuts, except for Chrystal City, which was replaced at the last moment for promotional reasons by a hip hop track Alan Braxe produced.

In 2006 Fred Falke went solo and released Omega Man, and a 12-inch of the same name, on the Paris...

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